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These are books that I have discovered over the years and want to celebrate.
Some are out of print, some are new, but most of them have fallen through the cracks for some reason
or another and are not on the general must read lists of books for children.
This does not mean I do not love award winners and best sellers,
but I have a soft spot for the unappreciated and misunderstood.
Please understand that my taste is eclectic, slightly warped and a bit dark.
I like books that make me laugh, books that make me cry, and books that make me think.

I welcome suggestions. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Giant Seed by Arthur Geisert

I have been writing promotional material for a film about SEEDS.   
Check out: 
Seed: The Untold Story:

 Great people, great cause!

As I was brainstorming seeds, I thought of children's books. I am always coming back to children's books.  What better way to plant seeds of change???  So, I made a list.  The Carrot Seed By Ruth Kraus,  Miss Rumphius by Barbara Clooney, and The Giant Seed, by Arthur Geisert. 

Yes!  Arthur Geisert!  I think of Arthur as the quintessential American illustrator right now - sort of like Pete Seeger and Norman Rockwell for kids.  High praise?  He deserves it.  Arthur Geisert creates intricate renderings of towns and farms that invite readers/viewers to explore and make their own.  With funny details, multiple animals and a sense of humor, he celebrates middle America - usually without words. I recommend all his books!

The Giant Seed is a strange one - replete with forebodings of ecological disaster and change, but also a pagan to ingenuity and community.  We will survive!